Medical pouches are sealed in various ways, based on the kind of pouch material used, the sealing temp required, and other aspects. Some common medical pouch sealing machines include constant heat, rotary bands, form fill seals, and impulse heat.

Constant heat sealers

Typically, a constant heat sealer is a jaw-type machine with seal dies that opens and closes repeatedly, sealing one medical pouch at a time. The machine features a heater embedded into the aluminum sealing die. The user turns the sealer on and chooses the proper recipe. After around 10 minutes, the die heats to the required temperature, and the heat is dispersed across the sealing die. 

The die will have this temperature until the machine is turned off or a different temperature is set. Since the die is heated to a specific temp and stays at that temp until the user changes the set point or the sealer goes off, constant medical pouch sealers are easy to use. They offer stable, repeatable sealing procedures and require less maintenance.

For those reasons, constant heat sealing machines are the most preferred devices for sealing medical pouches. The constant heat technology seals the three sides of the medical pouch, providing the best and most compatible seal.

Impulse heat sealers

The heating component of an impulse heat sealing machine is a thin wire that heats up and cools down fast. For this reason, after generating the impulse heat, the die quickly reaches the set temperature and cools down. The user can close the die while the heating component cools down and medical pouch material drops below the melting point to the temperatures that allow the bag to be removed from the machine.

Impulse heat sealing machines are used for high temp sealing and welding of mono-layer materials. They could be better for sealing bags made from multiple-layer materials since it's hard to hold an accurate process control when the temperature drops between cooling and heating every cycle.

Rotary band/continuous band heat sealers

Continuous or rotary band heat sealing machines use opposing bands to carry medical pouches through the sealing procedure. The user feeds the leading edge of the medical bag into the sealer, where its captured by the bands and pulled through to the part where the heat is applied. 

The heat brings the pouch to the melting point and welds the edges together. The bands continue pulling the pouch through the machine to the unheated part, where cooling happens. Then, the cooled bag emerges from the other part of the sealer. The benefit of a rotary band or continuous band sealer is quantity. It offers a higher throughput compared with other types of medical pouch sealers.

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Medical products can get damaged if exposed to high oxygen levels. Manufacturing companies rely on medical pouches to keep the air out. Since you need to make sure the pouches have a high level of protection, you need to invest in the right medical pouch sealer. This machine seals the pouch to keep its content safe from external forces.